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Farm-to-Market Road 1012 (FM1012) in Newton County Texas is more than Farm-to-Market

Updated: May 27, 2021

Welcome to FM1012Curves’ Blog,

Texas Farm-to-Market Road 1012 (FM1012) in Newton County Texas is a curvy road that bonds communities and families. We have been blessed to be born and raised on FM1012 or know someone who has. The Communities, Churches, School, and most of all the People collectively and individually form a cornucopia of propellants.

History can be passed on from one person’s memory to another person’s memory, but when it is written, it cannot be forgotten. The purpose of our blog is to explore and connect FM1012’s legacy.

As our blog progresses, we welcome historic information and photos. The email address to provide historic information and photos is

Please follow our blog to receive updates.

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